Monday, July 25, 2011

Khap Movie shot in 2 villages in Maharashtra

When director Ajai Sinha wanted to shoot Khap, a film based on honor killings in Haryana, he had his apprehensions about the safety of his actors and crew after he saw the reaction of an elderly man in Haryana. “What wrong do we do if we kill our own children?” was the man's chilling query. Unwilling to shoot in there, Sinha created the ambience of North India's state in Wai and Phaltan villages in Maharashtra.
“It was terribly hot when we shot there, but all the actors including Om Puri, Yuvika Chaudhary and Sartaj Gill were so charged that nothing seemed to affect them. The film is about the change of heart that Om Puri, a sarpanch goes through when his own granddaughter is about to become a victim of the Khap diktats. "In this scene, Om Puri has been thrown out of the panchayat. Yuvika's husband, played by Sartaj Gill, brings a court order to take his wife to Delhi but the villagers oppose them. Om Puri has gone through a change of mind and is ready to do anything to protect his granddaughter,” said Sinha. The film releases on July 29.

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