Friday, August 12, 2011

Justice like Khap Panchayat - Lady banished from Village after failing to Hot Oil Test conducted by Village Heads

Warangal,Andra Pradesh,India: Often News comes that Khap Panchayat is giving orders like Taliban’s way. But it’s not true. In India there are many places where Khap Panchayat does not exist but Village Heads giving orders harder than Khap Panchayt.This type of case occurs in Warangal where  a woman in was shunned by village elders over a land dispute. But before sending her away, they put her through the ordeal of lifting an iron pipe soaked in burning oil to prove her innocence.
The shocking incident took place in Pangidipally village of Chityala mandal in Andra Pradesh, India. CI Sudhakar said on Friday that no case has been filed since no written complaint has been filed till now. "Neighbors or villagers are not willing to give the complaint. What can we do? We are searching for the village heads to conduct counseling so that incidents of this nature do not recur," he said. 
After Sammakka received serious burn injuries on her right hand, the village heads banished her by sending her away to Manchiryala, her mother's place. 
Going into the details, it all started when P Sammakka picked up a fight with her neighbor Sammaiah over the extent of their farm land in the village. Sammaiah later approached the village elders charging Samakka that she had plotted to kill his wife. He also told them that she had threatened him of dire consequences. 
The village heads called both the families of Sammakka and Sammaiah and took Rs 24,000 deposit from Sammakka. They told Sammakka that she would be let off if she passed the hot oil test by dipping her hand. They contended that if she did not commit any wrong, her hand wouldn't get burnt or else. This was a case like when Lord Rama says Mata Seeta to walk on fire to prove his innocence.
Sammakka came forward to remove the iron pipe from the boiling oil when fingers on her right hand suffered grievous injuries. The elders passed the verdict, saying that she has made a mistake. They humiliated her and then they banished Sammakka and sent her mother’s place.

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