Thursday, September 8, 2011

Honor Killing: Judge awards death penalty to five members of family in honor killing case

New Delhi, Sep 08, Thursday: A Delhi court has sentenced five people to death in a 2008 honor killing case. Five members of a family have been awarded death sentence by a court in a case of honor killing in which the bride's brother-in-law was murdered by her brothers and close relatives in the national capital. The 'Shia' girl had married the brother of the victim, who belonged to 'Sunni' sect, against the wishes of her family. Additional Sessions Judge Bimla Kumari awarded the death sentence to Mohammad Saleem, Shaheen Abbas, Shahid Wasim, Shaheen Zargam Ali and Sabbir Kasim, holding them guilty of murder and also imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on each.
"The case of the prosecution falls under the category of honor killing and since honor killing comes in the category of rarest of rare cases... I have no option but to award the death sentence to all the convicts," the court said while pronouncing the order on Thursday.
"In the present case, the prosecution has successfully proved the motive behind the murder of deceased Tariq, which was the love marriage between the girl and Sadiq. Thus, the case of prosecution falls under the category of honor killing. 
"Since honor killing comes in the category of rarest of rare cases as held by the Supreme Court, I have no option but to award the death sentence to all accused in respect of the offence under section 302 (murder) read with section 34 (common intention) of the IPC," the judge said. 
The convicts killed Tariq in Chandni Chowk in central Delhi July 7, 2008 after his brother Sadiq married his lover Rubina, who was from a different ommunity.
Barring Kasim, the court also held the convicts guilty under the Arms Act and fined them Rs.5,000.
According to the prosecution, Rubina, who belonged to the Shia community, had a love marriage with Sadiq, from the Sunni community, against the wishes of her family. This resulted in enmity between their families.When the girl’s family came to know about the lovers whereabouts, they separated them and forcibly took Sadiq to Chandni Chowk. Sadiq’s brothers Tariq and Tayyab also followed them.
At Chandni Chowk, where other convicts were also present, the two families tried to resolve the matter but on their way back home, the convicts opened fire on Tariq and others.Tariq died on way to hospital while Tayyab suffered injuries, the prosecution said.

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